Shanxi: 3 large popular trades are gotten run Chu Dongcai city

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Enter winter, trade of trade of service, medicine, steam enters talent demand fastigium, this 3 large trades also become Chu Dongshan what to apply for a job of talent mart invite applications for a job saves on the west is popular.

Newest statistic data shows Shanxi talent market, 1 came 15 days November, shanxi talent market held 3 invite applications for a job to meet, shared unit of person of 205 family expenses to enter spot invite applications for a job, serve kind of enterprise to occupy 18 % among them, medical enterprise occupies 8 % , steam trade business occupies 6 % . 3 large popular trades occupied above the 32 % of enterprise of all invite applications for a job, become Chu Dong to get run of market of Shanxi province talent " a horse that covers a thousand li a day " .

Staff member of Shanxi talent market introduces, winter is human body the easy hair of all sorts of diseases period, a results is for the medical company that this leaves to market economy condition " gold " seasonal, enlarge an army also the first important or urgent business that of course makes these enterprise instantly. To service and steam trade for two large trades, winter especially the two sale busy season that they are before the section, and of relevant service and sale talented person rare be short of, must force these companies " against a rainy day " , enter talent market ahead of schedule.

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