Statistic shows: Macao 8 it is to the unemployment rate October 4.1%

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Statistic of government of electric Macao special zone and census bureau announced xinhua net Macao 28 days on November 28, came in August 2005 in October, the unemployment rate of Macao is 4. 1 % , maintain on first phase 2005 7 to the level September, but relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 0. 4 percent.

Show according to findings of obtain employment of newest first phase, came in August during October, macao work population is about 25. 30 thousand person, among them obtain employment population 24. 30 thousand person, unemployed population 10 thousand person.

Current, macao labour force is participated in rate for 63. 6 % , with on first phase and the corresponding period was compared last year, rise respectively 0. 2 reach 1 . 0 percent.

In unemployed population, about 1700 person seeks the first job, 16 what occupy total unemployed population. 1 % , what hold proportion relatively on first phase drops 2. 6 percent.

Alexandrine first phase is compared, the unemployed circumstance of bldg. , carriage communication and storage course of study and manufacturing industry is improved somewhat; And wholesale reach retail trade and hotel and catering trade criterion relatively on first phase is a bit poor.

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