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Basis " in the center of the Youth League, ministry of Ministry of Education, Ministry of finance, human affairs about carrying out an undergraduate volunteer service western the announcement of the plan " (in 2003 〕 of 〔 of green couplet hair 26) , " general office of government of Yunnan province people is good about be being done further the college is graduate with respect to, continueing to carry out " the undergraduate is volunteer service western plan " while, begin to carry out from 2005 " the undergraduate is volunteer service western plan " project of Yunnan province place (the following abbreviation " project of Yunnan province place " ) . Concerned item is as follows:
One, guiding ideology
Project of Yunnan province place is mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, promote another name for Yunnan Province and the height that the person just saves by force from science and technology, guide an undergraduate to be built to the basic level, place that needs most to the motherland and people result establish line of business; The development of the social career such as the education of far, impoverished, a mountainous area countryside side stimulative Yunnan, farming ability, sanitation; Extend the undergraduate obtain employment, channel that do poineering work; Education is brought up one large quantities of have modern science already the knowledge, outstanding youth talented person that has experience of basic level work and intense society sense of responsibility again; Promote " consecratory, friendly affection, help each other, progress " volunteer spirit, the construction of the development that promotes me to save economic society ceaselessly and socialistic harmony society.
2, origanization construction
Yunnan saves local project, in the province people government leader falls, by the province educational office takes the lead, hall of round provincial Party committee, human affairs, finance hall is participated in, give priority to with the county be in charge of carrying out.
In the province governmental leader falls, hall of educational office, round provincial Party committee, human affairs, finance hall establishs Yunnan to save local project job to head a group jointly, the overall planning of responsible project, harmonious with guidance. Leader group sets project government office (the following abbreviation " the project does " ) , the project does set in round provincial Party committee, with " the undergraduate is volunteer service western plan " the project runs office closing office, of responsible place project supervise reach directive job.
Each city (city) in the city (city) people government unites a leader to fall, establish an administrative division accordingly (city) the project heads a group and create an administrative division (city) the project does, responsible and affirmatory pilot county, raise money city (city) special and accessorial funds and Honshu (city) the harmony that the project works, organization and management.
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