Jiangsu: The woman is better than the male find the job

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The state of labor supply and demand that releases according to visitting management center of labor obtain employment analyses a report, the demand using worker worker of line of business of my province service, foreign capital and private enterprise rises the 3rd quarter substantially, and the fourth quarter will continue this kind of state; Because manufacturing industry and exit dominant enterprise is risen by exchange rate of trade friction, RMB the influence that waits for an element, demand of choose and employ persons decreases apparently, predict to still won't be changed in the fourth quarter.

According to statistic, I save before 3 quarters to hold proportion with person demand place bigger have 4 industries, among them strength of manufacturing industry demand makes an appointment with 251 thousand person, 47.19% what hold total demand number; Wholesale make an appointment with 69 thousand person with retail trade demand, 12.93% what occupy gross; Accommodation and meal trade demand make an appointment with 62 thousand person, 11.68% what occupy gross; Dweller service and demand of other service line of business make an appointment with 40 thousand person, 7.46% what occupy gross. Nevertheless the demand impetus of these industries appeared huge difference. Among them, accommodation and meal course of study, wholesale with retail trade, society service line of business and information are transmitted, demand of computer service and software industry choose and employ persons increases apparently, lodge especially and meal course of study, wholesale with retail trade two large trades, index of boom of choose and employ persons parts than going up the quarter increases 12.92 percent and 18.16 percent. In addition, the rapid development of foreign capital, private enterprise increased demand of choose and employ persons of this kinds of enterprise. Nevertheless, because these companies are right the skill demand of laborer is relative taller, when invite applications for a job find the employee that suit not easily.

On the other hand, suffer Sino-US trade friction and European Union to set bounds influence to our country textile, the requirement of manufacturing industry choose and employ persons that I save continues to narrow. In addition, this year on August 13 European Union formal go into effect of WEEE of new statement of an environmental protection, the product such as involved size home appliance, IT and communication equipment is the exit product with main Jiangsu, the export mechanical and electrical products that guards estimation to suffer an effect evens more 10 billion dollar, predict the four seasons spends me to save labour market manufacturing industry and information to transmit, computer service and demand of software industry choose and employ persons will continue to narrow. In the meantime, RMB exchange rate is adjusted drive labor cost to rise, demand of choose and employ persons of exit dominant enterprise also will decrease.

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