Obtain employment dimensions enlarged obtain employment privilege 2006 policy wi

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From city labor ensured bureau know a few days ago: This city obtain employment dimensions will expand further 2006, obtain employment promotes policy to will be perfected further.

Situation of next year obtain employment nots allow hopeful, obtain employment contradiction centers expression to be the following 3 big characteristics the first characteristic is labor supply gross is not decreased, town registers unemployed personnel to increase continuously. In respect of gross of labor supply and demand, predicting next year adds labour force newly to will reach 430 thousand person, include graduate of of all kinds school among them, answer retreat labour force of soldier, labour force coming to Beijing, the settle that enter capital to wait. 2 it is pressure of obtain employment of rural labor move is shown stage by stage. According to investigation, whole town has able-bodied person of 240 thousand country about unused, change the propulsion of process and agricultural structural adjustment as town, 57 what be engaged in agricultural production at present. In labor of 90 thousand countries, still will 20 much person needs to 2, 3 industries move. In last few years the circumstance of obtain employment of rural labor move that register forecasts the basis, to apply for a job of labor of next year country registers gross to will achieve 210 thousand person to control. The 3 obtain employment difficulty that are partial group and area are more outstanding. In predicting unemployed 2006 personnel with farming turn house, town is small protect, deformity personnel, punishment commentate solution teaching, long-term unemployment and " 4050 " the obtain employment that personnel gives priority to body is difficult the 53 % that the proportion of the group will occupy unemployed personnel gross, because this promotes obtain employment,group obtain employment already became difficulty to be mixed currently obtain employment of town of a period will work henceforth advocate dot and difficulty.

The content town work of stimulative policy of perfect obtain employment ensures bureau obtain employment to grow Meng Xiancang to say everywhere, according to the State Council " about strengthening obtain employment further again the announcement that obtain employment works " spirit, join the real case of Beijing, the near future this city will undertake adjustment to active policy, perfect, contented.

Main obtain employment promotes include: It is the examination that extends policy period. Tax cost derate, will small allowance of insurance of loan, society, post allowance, advocate the examination of the policy such as complementary depart period lengthen 2008. 2 it is to plan to enlarge the target range that enjoys favourable policy. 3 it is the problem that carries out the effect and existence according to active policy undertakes be adjustmented appropriately, perfect.

Meng Xiancang says, the perfect admiral in specific policy from 4 respects proceed with: The first kind is stable policy, namely original policy examines through practice, have better effect, it is only to these policy undertake perfecting on operating sequence, do not make big adjustment, if be engaged in individual manage free policy to wait. The 2nd kind is adjustment policy, basically include revenue, seek the policy such as the profession oneself. The 3rd kind is the policy of development, basically be to encourage the policy of flexible obtain employment to wait. The 4th kind is the policy of innovation, if promote the policy of obtain employment of labour force of rural have more than needed,wait.

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