Gansu Province realizes obtain employment ahead of schedule again target of annu

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Xinhua net Lanzhou on November 28 report (Sun Haifeng) the data that labor of the Gansu Province and social security hall publish makes clear, came this year in January October, town of the Gansu Province increases obtain employment newly 12. 520 thousand person, get again the personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty of obtain employment accommodation paper again obtain employment 4. 650 thousand person, among them the member that obtain employment strands difficult again obtain employment 1 . 40 thousand person, overfulfiled ahead of schedule 2005 obtain employment again task of obtain employment annual.

To the end of this year September, town of the Gansu Province registers unemployed personnel 9. 130 thousand person, town registers unemployment rate 3. 24 % , realized control to be in 4. The annual target of 6 % less than.

Current, the Gansu Province formed the working mechanism that combines cooperation by the branch such as Wu of labor safeguard, bank, industrial and commercial, duty, the policy that for unemployment of come off sentry duty personnel offerred poineering capital, duty to expend the respect such as derate supports. Up to by September, complete province already accumulative total extends " again obtain employment accommodation paper " 24. 320 thousand, extend small assure loan 9397. 10 thousand yuan, extend again allowance of obtain employment post 3098. 40 thousand yuan, social security allowance 1272. 30 thousand yuan, again obtain employment grooms allowance 808. 30 thousand yuan, professional introduction allowance 206. 80 thousand yuan. Complete province has 3 in all. Personnel of unemployment of hillock of 530 thousand under one's name is enjoyed again derate of obtain employment taxation gives aid to policy, have 5. Personnel of unemployment of hillock of 60 thousand under one's name enjoys administrative career sex to collect fees derate policy.

The Gansu Province is changed with system of obtain employment service, specialization and the system of obtain employment service that socialization gives priority to got be perfectinged further. Since this year, the Gansu Province was begun early or late with " send policy, send post, send skill, send a service, send warmth and fulfil a society insurance allowance policy " those who be main content again obtain employment helps an activity, be aimed at unemployment of come off sentry duty school of graduate of personnel, old technical secondary school, ability is graduate the question with difficult obtain employment, unit of 72 civilian battalion of constituent Lanzhou city was begun again month of obtain employment aid and activity of week of invite applications for a job of civilian battalion company.

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