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CCTV international message, chinese labor and social security ministry announced 5 policy a few days ago, in order to drives what college graduate obtain employment worked 2005 to spread out.

These 5 policy are respectively:

One, encourage college graduate to work to basic level and difficult area, enrich urban community and basic unit of rural villages and towns. From volunteer of the recruit in college graduate, to western the villages and towns of impoverished county one level education, wholesome, farming ability, help the unit such as deficient up to serve two years.

2, encourage of all kinds enterprise or business unit especially the college of medium and small businesses and civilian battalion business that recruit is graduate.

3, encourage college graduate to do poineering work independently with flexible obtain employment. Offer tariff cost privilege and small loan, the organization is begun do poineering work groom, practice guidance, policy seeks advice, the project is proved and dog coach wait for a service.

4, do guidance of good obtain employment and servive routine. Build perfect undergraduate obtain employment to serve website sth resembling a net, provide the service such as professional introduction, vocational guidance.

5, carry out " high post (three-year institution of higher learning) graduate profession qualification grooms project " , what groom to need is this year's high post (three-year institution of higher learning) graduate undertakes professional skill grooms with skill appraisal.

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