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Group of Hefei China peaceful

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Company brief introduction
Group of Hefei China peaceful is with recreational food, estate, agriculture the industry such as industrialization is pillar, and sortie is packed presswork, content shedding is carried, the large company group of the relevant industry such as chain of refrigerant cold storage, cooked food. Group assets dimensions 1.4 billion, sales revenue amounted to 1.8 billion yuan 2006, have stuff more than 8500, gathered together person with ability of a batch of senior management and professional technology backbone, have large quantities of well-trained, skilled, hard-working industry workers.
Subordinate of China peaceful group 41 holding company, hua Dong, northward, south is established in the whole nation company of 3 big sales, 70 many department do next administer, contact place, and overseas built cent to sell channel, popular whole nation exports the product sell as far as to Asia, Euramerican wait for more than 30 countries and area. The group is in and other places builds Hefei, Shanghai, Beijing, Baotou, Chongqing, Langfang, Qiqihaer many production base and control share company, in Xinjiang, inside unconscious, Ningxia, Gansu Province, Qinghai is built raw material supplies base; Formed the sale network that develop and relatively perfect operation management system.
The China peaceful group now, it is Chinese food industry produce of enterprise of 100 strong companies, bibcock of emphasis of agricultural industrialization nation, China processes a business 50 mix by force company of country's biggest roasted seeds and nuts, and be the Anhui province research center of technology of recreational food project and enterprise of place of center of provincial company technology. Enjoy quality of nation of ” of brand of credit of “ China famous food, “ to amount to food of ” of well-known logo of mark product ” , “ , whole nation quality of safe demonstrative unit, whole nation manages advanced company, quality to make sure the product is believed so that cross the multinomial special honour such as the enterprise. The brand of ” of be in harmony of “ be in harmony that China peaceful group owns makes the is famous in the world nation brand with not much amount to, ” of 100 “ of selected whole nation is the most valuable well-known logo.
Hua Tai with industrial dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland for the tenet, insist to be with the person this concept of choose and employ persons. We think, the talent is Hua Tai's most precious fortune, it is the first resource of the enterprise; Be kind to employee, it is Hua Tai's changeless from beginning to end belief. Be kind to employee, be welfare pay not only rise, it is the talent's education and development more, this is one of responsibility with each the mainest controller.
China peaceful group invites you to achieve happiness in all tomorrow!
Basic message
Business charter:
What belong to an industry: Commercial trade / content sheds storage / broker acts as agent
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