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Undergraduate: "Without course of study but " or " is there job not " ?

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Xinhua net Taiyuan on November 14 report (reporter Teng Junwei) Guo Yali of section chief of department of student of office of Shanxi province education says, as college enlarge action, the addition of graduate amount, social demand and graduate choose course of study have very big difference between the desire, the situation that appears to be begged for be more than, but this is relative to character only, total supply of the talent is measured and did not exceed quantity of total demand.

A rate of current undergraduate obtain employment is low very main reason is an undergraduate " have job not " , this has two reasons among them: The cost of obtain employment expectation that is a lot of graduate is higher, do not wish basic level obtain employment; 2 it is a lot of graduate choice take an examination ofing grinds and not obtain employment.
Xiaoli is the graduate of college of Taiyuan grain industry, it is very difficult that although apply for a job in big city,she says, also won't go basic level. "I feel workplace is more important than pay. If stay in those devious places all the time, can not follow to go up the progress of the times, and the culture environment of the basic unit, education be inferior to big city, the development that goes against oneself " , she says.

The student of this kind of viewpoint is not in hold a few, they are most the person thinks the environment of the basic unit is poor, the work is not steady, policy also does not have appeal. A schoolgirl that applying for a job says: "I or apt work in bigger company, those subsection are very flabby calm, when to perhaps meet unemployed, it is more difficult to when arriving, apply for a job again. " the concern that her word represented most person. In the Shanxi that held a few days ago province undergraduate basic level does poineering work on outstanding delegate seminar, fan Duixiang of members of standing committee of Shanxi provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor also points out further, current undergraduate obtain employment is difficult, it is to enter " good " the place is bad, "Good " the unit is difficult, its main reason still depends on the amlposition of desire of undergraduate choose industry and market demand. He says, good unit is less and less to the undergraduate's demand, minority is only outstanding can stay, and the intention of changes oneself choose course of study that because phasic change is corresponding,many undergraduates do not have, still devise oneself obtain employment plan according to the obtain employment whereaboutldirection in the past, this is inevitable cause " traffic jam " situation. According to statistic, up to on July 31, the graduate student that Shanxi province graduates this year, undergraduate students and high post are born high only the first time obtain employment rate is compared respectively the corresponding period dropped last year 14 % , 26 % and 14. 7 % .

Guo Yali thinks, graduate choose course of study expects to compare tall reason to have two sides, it is educational cost is higher in last few years, redound desire of the undergraduate is so stronger, 2 it is family and society taller also to the student's expectation, make obtain employment pressure of the undergraduate is increased.

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