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Shandong saves limited company of road bridge group

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Company brief introduction
The company achieves our country highway and bridge a lot of “ on construction history of the first ” and “ most ” : Big bridge of highway of Jinan Yellow River resides congener at that time bridge to cross diameter Asia the first; Big bridge of highway of battalion Yellow River is our country east the first steel is inclined play the bridge; Big bridge of the 2nd highway is Jinan Yellow River the standard is designed on the Yellow River at that time the highway bridge with the largest scale of highest, construction; Span of the 2nd big bridge is in Nanjing the Yangtse River the first world of home of the house in congener bridge the 3rd; Big bridge of highway of benefit ferry Yellow River presses “BOT” (construction —— management —— is turned over) reach share-holding system investment, for our country the first be in harmony collects social force to invest the oversize bridge of construction; Nanjing is peaceful cofferdam of box of condole of steel of single wall of the 2nd big bridge mixes the Yangtse River of tall freeway flatness, Nanjing big bridge of highway of benefit ferry Yellow River, bank big bridge of highway of city Yellow River precedes with its home technical level is entered send " Chinese company is new record; Nanjing the Yangtse River bridge floor of steel of bitumen of oxygen of annulus of the 2nd big bridge captures world-class project difficult problem. Company early or late two obtain a country to build a project award of top prize Lu Ban, two win a state award of award of high grade project, progress of national science and technology.

Ministry of career of construction of 30 roads bridge, professional corporation reachs the administer below group company accuse, share company, have construction of project of highway, bridge, channel, traffic, haven, dock, lock and survey design, mechanical equipment is made wait for integrated ability. Asset total value 1.4 billion yuan, large facility 2000 (cover) , majority has domestic international banner level. 3500 people of worker of existing a gleam of, year construction ability achieves 5 billion yuan.

Company only then built 1948, through 50 old development, already became company of domestic and international famous construction, banner level is in in course of study of domestic person of the same trade. 50 come for years, built domestic and international various road more than 50, be as long as 3000 much kilometers, the highway aid that entered the country such as Nepalese, Pakistan, Dong Diwen early or late builds a project, attended domestic Shandong to save churchyard aid blueness freeway, blessing of Beijing Shanghai, Beijing freeway Shandong paragraph, with 3 freeways Shandong paragraph, the cross board at the rear of an ancient carriage 8, bamboo of He of Lai of Bo Lai, Dong Qing, Wei, Qing Wei, music, day, bank the construction that rich, Qu Zhu, Jinan circles the freeway such as the city, become Shandong to save a freeway whole nation of preexistence of the rate end 2000 breaks through 2000 kilometers and the backbone that took the lead in realizing “ city town to connect high speed ” in the whole nation 2002 to use work force; Attended Jiangsu to save Shanghai peace, peace to connect at the same time, connect rather, peaceful freeway of tall, Yong Liu, Ning Hang, guangdong province is Shenzhen machine carry on one's shoulder, wide bead freeway, zhejiang province is the same as 3 lines, on 3, Ning Hang freeway, camphor tree of Jiangxi province prosperous, pear is lukewarm freeway, freeway of Fujian Province Fu Ning, announce of overgrown with weeds of horse of the Anhui province, overgrown with weeds freeway, henan saves business to drive a highway, inner Mongolia breathes out collect freeway, highway of Tibetan Jiang Kang, shanghai Shen acts according to gold freeway, and the construction of big bridge of Tianjin Haihe River; Bear build large and medium-sized bridge more than 160, among them Shandong province churchyard is all all sorts of structure Yellow Rivers are big the bridge 9, big bridge of the Yangtse River 1, all projects are by assess admirable project. In the meantime, company investment controls a road of Yellow River of ferry of benefit of 65% construction operation big bridge, investment share one class of Zou of aid of 30% construction operation collects fees highway.
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