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Yinchuan eminent starts limited company of seal science and technology

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Company brief introduction
Yinchuan eminent starts limited company of seal science and technology is via the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region the Public Security Department is examined and approve, the official seal of approve of Yinchuan city public security bureau decides stipple to make an unit. It is patent of development of seal of a collect, seal development, production, sale the company of new-style seal science and technology at a suit. Configuration has the of all kinds seal of modern high-tech level to make equipment, production is used domestic and international advanced seal new material and new technology ensure seal character is top-ranking, personnel of main production technology has official seal industry 10 years the working experience of above, the of all kinds high quality seal such as seal of the producible photosensitive that make, atomic seal, plastic seal, organic seal. Can satisfy whole area the seal demand of unit of company of blame of organization of unit of various Party and goverment officials, National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, company, institution, society, civilian battalion.
The company already declared 4 countries to invent patent now:
1, " system of network seal attestation " patent date: Zl:02142320.2
2, " network seal inquires method of test and verify " patent date: Zl:03101187.x
3, " the seal preventing bogus that is based on Internet " patent date: ZL:2004100599423
4, " the seal of electronic business affairs that is based on Internet " patent date: Zl:200610005691.x
The seal that aims to be China prevents seal of the bogus technology, electron seal that is based on Internet, electronic business affairs to make innovation sex contribution. At present software of the as oldest as China already management information system of public security of seal of the Ministry of Public Security develops the company some prevents company China north bogus technology company reachs intent collaboration, the — of seal patent technology that is based on my company to be developed independently jointly makes China the website of the biggest portal of electronic business affairs that is based on official seal.
The company will act on “ pursuit is outstanding, development innovation, sincere letter is this, hold affection the service, concept with ” of qualitative get victory, with the quality with good “ , forever credit ” , offer advanced stamp for social all circles wholeheartedly product and admirable all-around service.

Basic message
Business charter:
What belong to an industry: Other industry
Be in an area: Ningxia area - Yinchuan city - promote celebrate an area
Company property: Civilian battalion enterprise
Establish date: 1905-6-28
Register fund: 500 thousand RMB

Position of invite applications for a job: Seal accepts the order distribute personnel (2 people)
Deadline of invite applications for a job: 2008-10-8- - 2008-10-31
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