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Hubei province builds project limited company of the 5th construction

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Company brief introduction
Hubei province builds project predecessor of limited company of the 5th construction has a company to save vassal state (Hubei province establishs head office company of the 5th engineering) , held water 1965, classics Hubei saved people government approval to change 2006 make build construction company for civilian battalion. The company has housing project to always contract one class aptitude, have bear build of all kinds industry and capacity of civil architectural construction.
The company was judged to be enterprise of satisfaction of user of company of countrywide outstanding construction, whole nation in March 2007, ever had the honor to win “ Hubei to save politics of ” of civilized construction unit and thought of “ Hubei province to work for many times title of preeminent company ” , be judged to be “ Hubei province to abide by contract for years continuously, defend credit ” company. Have the honor to win Hubei to save “ early or late area of 30 strong, Wuhan builds company of construction of town of before company of construction of advanced building of the 2nd certificate of merit of 51 ” labor, whole nation, Hubei saves bldg. comprehensive strength 5 name, Wuhan company of “AAA” class credit, Hubei saves bldg. the honorary title such as 100 strong companies. 2005, the company is judged to be countrywide project quality to run preeminent company. Calendar year comes, the company holds to “ quality is an enterprise to live from beginning to end this, quality is the administrative concept of the source ” of the benefit of the enterprise, founded Lu Ban the country is project of award project, countrywide user satisfaction, high grade electric power of silver-colored award project, China is high grade science and technology of province of project of award project, legionary good example, Hubei sets an example province of project, Hubei does not have residence of quality common fault to set an example project, Hubei saves good example (Chu Tian cup. The company pays attention to standardization management, already passed international ISO9000 namely 2003 (quality) , ISO14001 (environment) , GB/T28001-2001 (professional health is safe) administrative system attestation.
Look into future, company general the company culture core around ” of “ enterprise, market, society, grow through promoting the science and technology of the enterprise ceaselessly board, make the strong culture of management, service, spirit, for Chinese tradition bldg. promotes a force that contributes his for a new-style manufacturing industry.
Basic message
Business charter:
What belong to an industry: Estate / building / adornment
Be in an area: Hubei is saved - Wuhan city - Wu Chang area
Company property: State-owned company
Establish date: 1965-7-6
Register fund: 200 million RMB
Employee number: 1000 people above

Position of invite applications for a job: Construction member (3 people)
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