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City of Zhejiang Jin Hua forms a delegation attend 3 provinces of the 3rd northe

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Zhejiang Jin Huahuan greets you Golden China city is located in Zhejiang mid, it is the traffic hub city of join north and south, 3 3 railroad line, freeways have sex inside city. Earthy floor accumulates kilometer of 11 thousand square, population 4.48 million, among them this city class 910 thousand. Area of the city zone of Wu issueing administer, Jin Dong, always county of health city, Dong Yang city, justice black city, Lan Xi city, Wu Yi, Pu Jiang county, huge rock installs the 9 counties such as the county (city, area) . 2005 justice black, always health, Dong Yang again flourish lists Chinese economy 100 strong counties (city) , cent lists 15, 44 mix 66. Golden China economy developeds, industrial class layout gradually hasten is reasonable, industry dominant position is clear and the industrial system that provides local distinguishing feature is initial already form. Industry of mechanical, electron, chemical industry, medicine, milk, building materials, steam deserves to wait for an industry to already became pillar industry. Since reforming and opening, golden China cultivated a batch of domestic and international well-known companies. The whole nation had many 100 school and Jin Hua to build collaboration to concern, the Chinese Academy of Sciences also established garden of science and technology in Jin Hua. Jin Huasu has " small Zou Lu " say, all through the ages is the state with formal culture, discourse on an academic subject on the history group case, alternate of academy of classical learning is promoted. School of Jin Hua of Song Yuan period and name of group of golden China language sow the four seas, the wind follow that Chong Wen teachs again up to now, fundamental education, higher education, adult teachs 3 and promote, formed nowadays " 1000 professors collect one city, 100 doctors collect one countryside " grand occasion. Golden China mountains and rivers-land is beautiful strange absolutely, "Water is connected austral 3000 lis, baric Jiangchen 14 continent " , famous the line that Li Qing of female word person takes is vivid and wraparound significant position of Jin Hua and grand imposing manner. National level beauty spot double dragon hole makes a name already China and foreign countries, provincial beauty spot also has more than 10 place. Cultural relic historic site of Jin Hua and strange Shan Xiushui hand in photograph reflect, national level language keeps an unit 10 place, provincial article keeps an unit 37 place. Everywhere historic site relics if a bright phearl, adorn 8 Wu earth. Tradition and contemporary blend, the city of Hengdian movie and TV of person east Hollywood already made the blessing land in worker of broad movie and TV and tourist heart. Jin Hua will become center of finance of hub of traffic of ministry of Zhejiang Chinese and Western, news key position, trade, content to spread base of center of culture of center, travel center, science and education, modern manufacturing industry 2020. Jin Hua's city changes a level to will be achieved 70% , urban population achieves 1 million above, urban greenbelt rate achieves 40% above; Connect to diplomacy it is a center with the urban district, form hub of railroad of ministry of Zhejiang Chinese and Western, build 5 highways, between 3 cities fast artery, cricoid jumper is comprised between 2 cities, one circles city highway, plan 4D step civil airport. Jin Hua's development is propped up from what do not drive a talented person, all through the ages of golden China municipal Party committee, municipal government values a handsome appearance, qiu Xianre is thirsty, sai Xianxin is cut, published a series of talents to introduce favourable policy. The Jin Hua of reform expects a talented person, open Jin Hua weighs a talent! Welcome each person of outstanding ability to come golden poineering development, qualified personnel of golden China city communicates a center to will be you to provide satisfactory service wholeheartedly! Join meeting unit and detailed of information of invite applications for a job to see net of dragon river talent
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