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Zhejiang was saved 2005 - talent of Shanghai high administrative levels is enclo

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Sponsor an unit: Zhejiang visits human affairs office
Undertake unit: Zhejiang visits talent communication center
Congress time: On December 4, 2005
Congress place: Guesthouse of Shanghai rainbow bridge (Shanghai Yan'an on the west road 2000)
Congress characteristic:
Complete province influences a focal point 150 times enterprise or business unit of unit, province affiliated to a ministry and partial Party and goverment officials attend this second plenary meeting, post of offerred invite applications for a job reflects characteristic of fulfil of high demand, high administrative levels, high pay, the senior management that invite applications for a job has proper practice experience, technology and senior skilled worker kind talent and the senior talented person that have qualification of technology of Master above record of formal schooling or major of deputy tall above.

Method signing up: Have intent unit, start service center of city qualified personnel at carry on signing up for before November 26 please.
Advisory phone: 8008575111 5224981 8905915 5224242 (fax)

Particular case reachs download form: Http://

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