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Nanchang city winter is large 2005 talent invite applications for a job obtain e

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One, time: On November 25, 2005, 26 days (Zhou Wu, Saturday 8: 30 - 15: 00)
2, place: Jiangxi saves gymnasium (Fuzhou crossing)
3, sponsor an unit: Bureau of education of city of Nanchang of bureau of Nanchang town occurrences in human life
Assist run an unit: Jiangxi saves interior to divide school of big, technical secondary school
Undertake unit: Development of Nanchang city qualified personnel communicates a service center
Center of guidance of obtain employment of graduate of Nanchang city average school
Nanchang talent market
Plan to set exhibit 300, predict to enter number above of 20 thousand person.
Media support
Will be in " Changjiang Delta Metropolis Daily " , " Nanchang evening paper " , " information daily " , " Chinese human affairs signs up for " , hot line of talent of Nanchang TV station, Changjiang Delta ( and Jiangxi are provincial website of qualified personnel of city of website of school of each old technical secondary school, each district and Shanghai, .
Congress serves
1, do 80cm (freely to join meeting system of unit wide) × 120cm (is tall) the spray paint information of norms a piece.
2, exhibit for every offer two a piece of table, chairs, supply two people lunch to reach water.
3, the service after the meeting: Tuft Xuan shakes post perch of  of collect new  to walk on rich curtain of dispute of  of ⒅ of Sui of Qi of ≈ of Pan Xie of twinkling of  of deep and remote happy event of short for Weihe River of muching make one's rounds of Kuang arrogate to oneself ancienting name for a water catltrop
4, information of invite applications for a job is released freely in hot line of Changjiang Delta talent a month, inquire talent library freely.
Nanchang unit means signing up
1, provide data: Business charter photocopy (build official seal) , talent demand news.
2, collect fees: 400 yuan / exhibit.
3, privilege: If post just is recruited this year's unripe unit, OK and free ginseng is met.
Nonlocal unit means signing up
Integrate an organization by local talent center, unified sign up, unite qualification of unit of test and verify, unified make information of congress invite applications for a job (norms: 80cm (is wide) × 120cm (is tall) ) .
Connect a telephone call: 0791 - 6775660 (hold a fax concurrently) 6789008 6781617 (hold a fax concurrently)
Contact: Deng Jianyong 13870871206 fur coats of musical instrument of 13970072996 weeks of Li Zong Ming 13807080741
Network address: mailbox:
Contact an address: Back wall road market of 33 Nanchang talent (by elementary school of middle of triumphal way shopping mall, postal grade)
Open an account row: Labour gets the better of   of   doing   all right
Account: 1502207009024930111
Door renown: Nanchang city is intellective information center

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