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At graduate of Daqing city old technical secondary school obtain employment supp

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About Daqing city graduate of old technical secondary school meets with respect to trade supply and demand, the announcement of congress of two-way choice communication

Good to do college graduate obtain employment worked 2005, widen channel of graduate obtain employment, market of sufficient play talent configures medium fundamental action in talent resource, choose ability to build communication platform for graduate choose course of study and unit of choose and employ persons, bureau of Daqing town occurrences in human life decides to hold " graduate of whole town old technical secondary school meets with respect to trade supply and demand, two-way choice communicates congress " . The conference is avoided close exhibit a cost and individual price of admission. The person that invite sincerely unit of choose and employ persons and to apply for a job at the appointed time presence!
When Between: On November 24, 2005 (on Thursday) 8: 30 - 16: 30
Dot: Daqing international exhibition center (classics of east wind new residential quarter shopping mall of 9 markets wide source B9 date building. To the international exhibition center by 25 buses station shop sign gets off arrive namely. )
Sponsor an unit: Bureau of Daqing town occurrences in human life
Undertake unit: Daqing city qualified personnel develops service center of going from place to place
Conference content:
1, the college graduate that the spot accords with the condition that enter town to save inside and outside is dealt with receive formalities and procedures of human affairs representative.
2, gather the information of staff of to apply for a job such as college graduate, build storage facility for reserve purpose.
3, begin concerned policy seeks advice and obtain employment guidance serves college graduate.
Enter meeting boy or girl friend:
1, graduate of average college, trade school and other and of all kinds talent.
2, each county, area and center of development talented person, business of of all kinds ownership, execute the institution that appoint to a position makes, close to pay the unit of choose and employ persons such as institution and intermediary organization oneself oneself.
Refer conference measure:
Join meeting unit to answer on November 23 11: 30 before, hold original of Id of person of business charter carbon, agency and photocopy, to hall of business of market of Daqing city qualified personnel (Daqing city developing zone is promoted influence a market 7 talents edifice. Get off to triumphal station by 30 9 buses, small passenger cars left travel 100 meters; Get off to torch edifice by 30 buses, right travel arrives 100 meters namely. ) conduction ginseng exhibits formalities; Or book through the phone exhibit, will " registration form of unit invite applications for a job " the fax comes 6041981. Cloth extends time: On November 23 13: 00-17: 00.

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