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On December 2 - 3 days form a delegation the announcement of talent of trade of

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Go to the announcement of talent of trade of the classics outside Wuhan invite applications for a job about forming a delegation

Each county (city, area) human affairs (labor) bureau, outside classics trade bureau, each concern an unit:
Put forward to fulfil municipal Party committee, municipal government better " talent strong city " the strategy, introduce carry on to promote in short supply outside classics trade kind professional technology and management talent, extroversion of stimulative our city economy grows, via carry on bureau of the human affairs that start city, carry on begins research of bureau of collaboration of city foreign trade economy, key of decision syndicate whole town is enterprise or business the unit goes to Wuhan to attend talent communication to negotiate meeting. Inform concerned item as follows now:
One, conference time, place
Time: On December 2, 2005, 3 days (on Friday, on Saturday)
Place: Wuhan science and technology can exhibit a center (Wu Changluo gem road 548)
2, main content
The talented person of of all kinds management that place of extroversion of invite applications for a job company wants and professional technology qualified personnel.
3, constituent form
This talent invite applications for a job negotiates can be by the classics outside bureau of town occurrences in human life, city trade bureau is organized jointly, establish carry on to start group of invite applications for a job. Communicate meeting general to be in Wuhan and circumjacent area to release the advertisement information of activity of concerned invite applications for a job especially to the society through a variety of channel, the undergraduate that attracts local famous college and on-the-job in senior talented person enters activity of invite applications for a job.
4, method signing up
Need the unit of invite applications for a job, fill in in detail please " demand of talent of trade of the classics outside going to Wuhan invite applications for a job 2005 is expressed " , at service center of city qualified personnel signing up for before November 18, each county (city, area) the industry that needs invite applications for a job by each county (city, area) human affairs (labor) bureau, foreign trade bureau unites service center of talent signing up for city.
Exhibit book a phone: 8008575111 5224981 8905915
Fax: 5224242
Carry on starts talent network:

Add: College of Wuhan area part: University of Wuhan university, Hua Zhongke ability, China in grain industry college, China in university of science and technology of university of geology of college of industry of grain of Normal University, Wuhan, Hubei university, China, Wuhan, medium south university of chemical industry of university of politics and law of finance and economics, Wuhan
Professional setting: Chinese character literature, news learns, advertisement learns, history, archives learns, skill of physics of project of science of project of information of science of philosophy, maths, computer and technology, electron, electron and technology, communication, physics, material, education learns, psychology, English, Japanese,
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