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About the announcement that free invite applications for a job meets was being h

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The outstanding graduate with be acted on better for more of choose of unit of choose and employ persons and offer more for graduate " two-way choice " the tenet of the opportunity, hold with collaboration of Jia Xingxue courtyard on December 3 now " 2006 graduate invite applications for a job meet Jia Xingxue courtyard " , invite sincerely expensive unit presence. Join meeting concerned item to be as follows: One, timeline: On December 3, 2005 2, place of invite applications for a job: Jia Xingxue courtyard jumps over beautiful campus gymnasium (fine the Yue Xiulu that start city 56) 3, join meeting unit to prepare to exhibit by oneself please conduct propaganda, reveal data (90CM × 120CM controls) 4, the conference provides Chinese food (snack) , mineral water 5: Report Word: 0573-2720438 is passed True: 0573-2720366

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