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About holding " Henan saved obtain employment of graduate of old technical secon

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Look forward to, institution reachs concerned unit:
In recent years, enterprise of Henan higher education develops flourishingly, managerial level and quality rise further, henan college graduate was as high as 220 thousand 2006. To extend channel of graduate obtain employment, for economy construction and social progress offer a talent to assure, promote graduate reasonable flow, sufficient play government configures medium main effect in graduate resource, contented society is right graduate demand, decision on December 3, 2005, hold 4 days " Henan saved obtain employment of graduate of old technical secondary school 2006 two-way choice negotiates meeting " . This second conference teachs hall, Henan to the province develops and reform committee to sponsor by Henan province, service center of obtain employment of student of Henan province old technical secondary school and Central Plains international read extensively the center undertakes, college assist do. Specially invite asks expensive unit to arrive at the conference, negotiate choose gift.
Schedule the meeting case accuse as follows now:
One, program arrangement and place:
Cloth exhibits: On December 2, 2005
Conference time: In December 2005 3 ─ 4 days
Ginseng can sign up: Begin to sign up since this day, ended on November 25, 2005
Meeting site: Central Plains international reads extensively center (road of another name for Kaifeng of Zhengzhou city Zheng 96)
2, enter meeting range:
Place of courtyard of executive authority of ◆ province inside and outside, institution, scientific research, institution of higher learing, 3 endowment company of enterprise, new and high technology, joint stock company, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprise and civilian battalion enterprise
◆ is provincial each college 2006 graduate, toward be born and the society is outstanding 45 thousand person of talent
◆ circumjacent province is graduate 5000 people
3, rate:
1, exhibit a cost (2m × 3m) : 800 yuan / sessional (join meeting unit Chinese lintel board, 3 exhibit a wall, negotiate desk a piece, chair two, power source electrical outlet, shoot the light, conference security personnel, cleanness)
2, figure exhibits (4m × 6m) : 3600 yuan / sessional
3, every are exhibited offer 2 people lunch freely to reach water;
4, between interview (3 meters of × 3 meters) : 1800 yuan / sessional
5, advertisement collects fees see next tables
Value of spot ad project (yuan) value of spot ad project (yuan)
Rainbow door (20 meters) 3200 exhibit a house gigantic an advertisement (10 meters of × 25 meters) 7800
Wall body scroll (2 meters of × 20 meters) 1600 rostrum advertisement (3 meters of × 8.5 meters) 2800
Steam column scroll (8 meters) advertisement of body of the wall outside 1800 gates 4200
Flagpole advertisement (2 meters of × 3 meters) 300 yuan / advertisement of face entrance ticket (yuan / 10 thousand pieces) 2800
The advertisement between flagpole 450 placard advertisement (yuan / 1000 pieces) 1580
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