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Resume wants luxuriant still want guileless
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Editor's note: A lot of enterprises begin to walk into campus to hold explain to public meeting, enlarged the propagandist offensive of invite applications for a job further. Numerous big 4 students also are preparing meticulously to receive climax of coming company invite applications for a job. To them, the resume that how prepares satisfaction of a your enterprise became a before obtain employment main task.

Directive expert: Limited company of adviser of Beijing dragon sound is presiding Zhang Libo of professional program division

Resume content

Learn way of professional, sexual distinction, age, contact besides graduate school, place these basic content, the following content still should include in the resume that you prepare to the enterprise:

Your educational setting (include all and relevant professional skill to groom wait) the honor that you once had gained the experience related to the position that apply for and business and the ego that reward you are evaluated (the advantage is elaborated) you are opposite the idea that how develops business field (if holding

Write the 7 avoid of resume

★ does not resemble writing a paper to prepare a thick in that way. The company looks the time of a resume to won't exceed 5 minutes commonly, do not have which industry leader to be able to patience reads you " monograph " , want to be good at grasping a point, proposal length does not exceed paper of 2 pages A4.

The interest that ★ does not want to have nothing to do those with position and job is liked ground of a head is written go in, travel for instance, read a novel, sing, 9 class wait piano a moment, these interest interests won't add cent to you normally.

★ does not want an each division report that is in the school attach, you are to go to an enterprise applying for, not be to apply for to go abroad study abroad. Of course, if your study success is extraordinary outstanding, then you are written go up to once had taken first prize a few years to learn gold continuously or achievement annual class wait the a fewth times, this is enough.

★ resume is not designed too luxuriantly, this meeting lets unit of choose and employ persons feel you can pack yourself too, use time on appearance, think your resume is to ask technical art staff even " decorate " come out.

★ and the working experience that apply for position to have nothing to do do not want to write. According to the property of unit of choose and employ persons, requirement to position, offer an enough to prove to unit of choose and employ persons the setting data of own ability is OK.

Ground of reach every aspect of a matter does not want to show your all respect ability in ★ resume, units of such choose and employ persons can not pay a focal point.
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