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150 thousand graduate contends for Shanxi when " village official " enter onesel
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On April 30 morning 9 when, big market of Taiyuan city qualified personnel, college graduate is chosen hire " village official " the spot signs up to just began, the doorway already discharged those who remove nearly 400 meters " long dragon " . Shanxi province will continue to choose this year hire 10 thousand undergraduates " village official " , up to signed up to end basically on April 30, save gross signing up to break through 150 thousand person completely, enter oneself for an examination scale achieves 1 ∶ 15, of number signing up, of atmosphere of enthusiastic tall, society good, save for Shanxi in recent years rare.

Shanxi province undergraduate is contended for this year when " village official " , it is above all in the center of correct and decision-making, height of provincial Party committee takes seriously, form direct clearly. After countrywide choosing hires college graduate to hold the post of a worker to make an informal discussion to the village, shanxi provincial Party committee holds standing committee instantly, special subject research is specific measure. Zhang Baoshun of secretary of provincial Party committee hires the job 3 times to make written instructions to choosing, ren Zemin of minister of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, organization from coordinate as a whole make policy, to program of work of the protocol that draft, hire the job to choosing every link is arranged meticulously, careful deploy.

Leave the favorable environment that person, a secretary in charge of sth does poineering work to create fasten heart, shanxi province publishs supportive policy and safeguard measure actively about branch and unit, formed outstanding college graduate to fall to go, stay so that live, the lasting effect mechanism that strikes well, for broad college graduation was eaten raw " sth capable of comforting sb " .

The method that provincial Party committee organizes a ministry to hire outstanding college graduate to hold the post of a worker to make to the village to choosing and program undertook the standard is mixed perfect, started at the same time study the work that employs officeholder of 1000 villages and towns and institution staff member from inside outstanding village cadre, bold choose is used hold a post two years in the village the undergraduate village cadre of above, ensure undergraduate village cadre has an outlet.
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