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Duty field beauty gives birth to vivid 5 big crises
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Do you have deep love for your job? Do you rise to your advance gave how old space? Do you attend the study class of an above? If above answer is NO, so ask you to ponder over problem of the last bottom line: Tentative idea

A year, two years or after 3 years your duty field place. If be opposite water of this your mist, dear, you met a kind of crisis that is called professional program without doubt.

Investigation shows, in the job that the female of 56% is in long-term machinery to busy, cannot bear to expectation of oneself interest, level, ability, compensation, psychology degree etc undertake comprehensive analysis, make then relatively accurate plan with sensible profession. When you each days run blindly in arrive from the home the 2.1 line of the unit, oneself job after the imagination does not go out a few years will grow which one pace, the job of at present is established order only, what can do later, want what to do, you are without main threads of an affair. Ground of day after day duplicates identical and trifling work, have the feeling of a kind of sky that be drawn out, to future, confused however without arrange, take you ruthlessly without the job of sound program into program crisis.

Dress crisis

Tell me what to dress wear today? Return when last minutes before you go out in dismay your skirt and dress cannot be coordinated, more terrible is, you remind before the boss that becomes you comes off work, when the negotiation tomorrow notices your move is installed please, what still can say, dress crisis cheats be ashamed in the figure that lets you undoubtedly. In on-the-job field, dress problem is not dressing up beautifully at you marked, and depend on you whether be being accomplished " professionalism is worn outfit " . Accordingly, cannot wear decent, move to install style awkwardness and move to install figure short of to expect the case of the target, can generate quite big worry to professional female. Investigation makes clear, the female of at least 60% looks for less than going to work to want the dress that wear, change unlined upper garment ceaselessly before the mirror until get him turn from side to side dog-tired.

Healthy crisis

How to do? I insomnia.

Check your pouch: Gastric medicine, stable, fragrance must, eyedrop, like which was short of, you do not set his mind at, because of insomnia, slant headache, stomach-ache, the eye is dry etc, they say to come. Besides you still need to cream with block defect come desalt black rim of the eye, you must take the Chinese traditional medicine with remedial disorder endocrine everyday 3 bags. Say your what disease to be done not have, but you suspect you is ill all over, had let you because of healthy crisis distractingly.

Because the profession needs, the health of professional female suffers working environment to affect (if be forced to accept computer radiate, extended hot season case, scanty at motion) occurrence body is unwell reach a disease, cause accumulate sexual airframe damage. Apparent, long-term function excessive of maladjusted, job and undesirable working environment are the main factor that causes body crisis. The body that must not feel oneself are young and red-blooded can resist any foreign invasion, the surface appears it seems that and the body of different of the it doesn't matter 3 years ago is going on be between the beetle and the block wire rope probably. Caress oneself body carefully, the fixed check-up that make a body is checked and compensatory vitamin is short of one cannot.
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