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The 3 fear that face new director and 3 write down

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Work in IT company, person emergency moves always be unavoidable. After a new director comes, how does ability leave next good impression to him, get more rising chances? Above all: Be " 3 avoid " . How to let " new advocate " cause to you take seriously? Does Qu Jie bow? Does flattery insinuate? Petty favours? N0, urge everybody not wants to do from this tripartite face, this is me principal remind everybody to see an official notice " 3 avoid " , these are shortcut it seems that, but by no means long plan, do bad to still can make you get as contrary as the desire result, even your job also " birthday retires for the night eventually " .

Next: Be " 3 write down " . True with " changeless with 10 thousand change " the method is proposal IT person of the same trades, fall with in order to " 3 write down " just be the best thing to do.

Write down: Remember fulfilling one's duty responsible it is golden key forever

No matter this " new advocate " individual character or hobby how, if he is encountered, is choice to the job, fear pain, be afraid of tired, careless, much did the work outside 1:0 everywhere the person of shout, it is for certain won't like (the defect that yourself contrasts to have above, if have, can get correct immediately oh) . Rather, if you go out " platoon barrier " rate is rapid, service quality is good, the most crucial it is not to stay " sequela " ; Cautious and conscientious of the job inside the portion has been done, the director is handed in temporarily do especially other job (include a few trifling sundry) , you also had been done responsibly seriously (attention, after finishing but must not croak again, otherwise you with respect to all one's previous efforts wasted) , who does such employee have to you can not like again? Every had done a thing, can give new director a good impression, as good impressional cumulative, inevitable didn't your position in new director also grow day and day?

2 write down: Remember the director is your boss forever

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