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Work in bull enterprise, how should you live?

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A company has been taken before, assumed office more than two years, remember now, send it so, the hope is on field of the following duty, if encounter same question to be able to go a bit more suitably, a bit more advisable, put it so.

Before company altogether 3 patriarch, each the share that hold differs. General manager (the old) , deputy always (the second) , factory director (do not have another namer) . These 3 division of labor are different, the old is in charge of the market open, move toward with the product, technical guiding, the second is in charge of running business department, the factory director is in charge of controlling government technology, production, purchase departmental door. According to such division of labor actually Dou Man makes clear, oneself at that time also make research and development, the factory director is one's direct superior, the old, send the person of salary to me. But in working process, always have more or less problem, or have a difference of opinions, general authority talks jointly, can find settlement program.

The old is particularly clever the boss that has idea very much, the product that develops every time so offers many precious opinions to me, the technology also is made before the factory director, responsible to oneself project is the so most familiar, but some respects also have insufficient place, often want me to do, so he basically loses him project, oneself are done auxiliary, oneself are in charge of other items, the factory director becomes backup force. Because the factory director is one's direct superior, it is OK that so the product of all developments, thing that purchase should make instructions through its, need not the old makes instructions again. Begin to although also have the place of different opinion,be done, but do so that still go too, during the job, the company produced many change, when developing a product, the old and factory director opinion always are abhorrent, the factory director says the old is not actual, a few products of development are highbrow, because the factory director also becomes a technology, compare commonly so a bit actualer, but the manager is different, want what to think of only, can let you do, without giving thought to with academic accord with, want you to try, some things are far from likely, because if I take old meaning,go doing, and do not listen to a factory director, then I get along harder with him later, because the factory director's temperament is not quite good, when approving a person no matter who you are. One is the boss that sends salary to me, one is my one's direct superior, both between do especially hard, very tired also.

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