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Rush about on on-the-job field dozen go all out, professional must speak or sing

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On on-the-job field road, someone says, the major that the profession that oneself pursue must learn with oneself wants be geared to the needs of the job, ability utmost develops his potential; And also someone says, the job that should pursue oneself liking only goes, be indifferent to to incorrect mouth. So, hit the friends that go all out to tell to rushing about on on-the-job field, it is professional be geared to the needs of the job after all good, it is good to still be indifferent to speak or sing alternately?

Case fluoroscopy:

The goosefoot gentleman that electronic major graduates, had had 8 long time to now from graduation, since these 8 years of time, he pursued the job of a lot of respects, from at the outset electronic manufacturing industry, maintenance of jockey, workshop, circuit designs the products plan engineer later, one pace walks over goosefoot gentleman, eventually one day, he sits before office computer displays screen, dim office, with sunshine bright window appearance becomes bright contrast, he feels this is not the life that he wants from beginning to end, the profession in his heart should be those who contain a challenge, the professional road that is full of a hope, is not to resemble everyday the office, dining room, dormitory the life of such 3.1 line. Listen to a friend to say he is good at with person intercourse, affinity is finer, making a sale just is his due development course, and he himself also feels he does not suit ground of such if things go on like this " mix " go down, wasting oneself youth in vain.

Eventually, he resolutely decision abdication, nearby looked for the job of a sale to work to rise, but because this is a company that just established, because company boss does not have his development strategy, the salesperson that adds fluctuation area does not have actual combat experience. Very fast, this company operation is less than two months to announced to close down, then goosefoot gentleman is obliged to leave this company to plan an outlet additionally, after many setbacks, the better city in his memory coming in a strange combination of circumstances -- Hangzhou. In this beautiful city begins his professional career afresh.

He what will arrive how first, because not be familiar with the trade situation of Hangzhou, and he is opposite oneself professional state also the understanding of neither one profundity, goosefoot gentleman around has done several jobs to fare badly, the longest also did do not find new job often to time of half an year, as the elapse of time, he begins to suspect he is so old gradually come, whether to go wrong really road, is the profession that should seek an as professional as oneself be geared to the needs of the job just his right development way?

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