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Professional of Shanxi foreign language is not worth small language talent badly

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Shanxi enrols the setting with business increasingly frequent activity to fall, I save foreign language professional to be not worth badly however, italian, SpanishWith the small language such as Arabic the interpreter surprises especially be short of.

As pace of global economic integration accelerate, economic extroversion spends Shanxi to expand ceaselessly, more intense to translating the talent's demand. Province external affairs does express, shanxi foreign language translates a talent all the time temporary shortage, spoken language loses generally at written, small language loses generally at big language. Small language domain waits in Italian, spanish and Arabic, interpreter talent demands exceeds supply badly.

Be in center of Shanxi nation trade east in the office building such as the tower, a large number of transnational corporation establish a point here, english, Japanese is incessant Yu Er. In last few years, activity of Shanxi action business is frequent, a lot of enterprises that cross a state aim at Shanxi, orgnaizations of many foreign scientific research, enterprise creates agency in Shanxi, but interpreter talent leaves many however prediction of a person's luck in a given year in very in short supply circumstance. Statistical data shows, come nearly 3 years, the Shanxi college of individual data is typed in Chinese talent netForeign language talentShare 568 people, among them choice of nearly 90 % works in coastal city. In provincial the medium, advanced interpreter that evaluates through major has 630 only much person, and can take on for high level activity in formal circumstance the young interpreter of oral interpretation is lacked very much, italian, spanish and Arabic interpreter are more rare, this creates an obstacle to the holding of activities of a lot of great concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals.

Besides personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year, interpreter talent education and effective demand are out of line, it is to cause interpreter talent's in short supply cause. Controller of company of one foreign trade expresses, the foreign language that speaks from the college is graduate, lack working experience, often want to passGroomJust can be competent for a long time post, extend to company business bring a lot of difficulty. The controller of ministry of resource of some large company labor power thinks, after enlarge of institution of higher learing is enrolled, amount of foreign language graduate rises, quality drops, expression is basic skill not quite solid, learn to use be out of line, answer ability actually to wait for a problem infirmly. Personage of foreign language major is not equal at translating a talent, at present education of Shanxi college foreign language still basically is give lessons with classroom give priority to, activity of practice of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is little, the student is in start literacy of level lay particular stress on, light seeing and hearing says ability.

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