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Credit difference restricts intermediary to develop network to apply for a job t

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A research achievement that organizes in the light of intermediary of our country labour market gave heat a few days ago, move human affairs institute and Ceng Xiangquan of institute of Chinese obtain employment to teach academic research group with work of Chinese people college, the research that passes and other places of pair of Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang nearly two years, formed finally " labour market intermediary and obtain employment are promoted " total report and 14 cent report. Report exposure, credit problem has become obtain employment intermediary to serve the chief reason that the orgnaization had be notted admit extensively.

Net of human relations in society makes owner medium of communication

Investigate discovery, employee is passed " network of human relations in society " obtain the proportion of the information of invite applications for a job of post is the at present largest, the effect is best. As search ditch, human relation is labour market intermediary is main replace, the competition of orgnaization of service of communal obtain employment basically comes from at human relation etc channel of informal to apply for a job, is not orgnaization of service of privately owned obtain employment. When maintaining the most helpful channel, unemployed personnel is spent to the self-identity of network of human relations in society taller also.

Network to apply for a job ranks the 2nd

To apply for a job of individual of intermediary of communal to Beijing area obtain employment investigates discovery, the labour market of Beijing area has shown very old open rate, the nonlocal to apply for a job that is in Beijing person already occupied 60 % , this locality to apply for a job person occupy 40 % . Investigate discovery through waiting for an area to Beijing, the channel that position information gets after 5 years are being mixed 5 years ago produced bigger change. Use a website to undertake working searching for among them, the scale that obtains position information rose 8.5 % , and traditional business is hired and the means such as graduation allocation dropped 11.5 % . Employee is obtained through website channel at present the information of invite applications for a job of post is 21.4 % , be next to the 27.8 % of network of human relations in society.

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