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Duty field: Does coil up flavour wish a Qu " is ǜ adept able to bear or endure

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"Tab is accused " it is to point to a kind to inform against behavior shockingly, or it is content shocking, or it is motive shocking, or it is a method shocking, or be a few person hold concurrently and have.

"Tab is accused " ancient already had, there still is not this name in those days nevertheless, general habit weighs people for " enter slander " . Alleged " slander " the malicious remarks of others of that is to say. Say " into " , because want,speak ill of others in the main, have stated goal of course, to achieve the goal of this hidden, slanderous talk is about to tell enough to affect by slander person the person of the destiny listens, this kind of person is not an official commonly tall it is heavy. Say slanderous talk to the person with these high positions to listen, say so for " enter " .

In the unit, "Tab is accused " be to hit a leader to listen, if lead the person that is a be practical and realistic, this kind " small report " also rise be less than much your work to use. But if the leader is black and white the person that does not listen to letter other differentiate, easily, "Small report " can be opposite by accuse falsely flatter person constitute menace.

Work in an unit, hard to avoid can have the place that offends another person, if be displeased by you the person is " Lilliputian " generation, you must prevent him to advance in leader face your " slanderous talk " .

(1) anticipate the enemy

Generally speaking, those dispersed scandal are accused " black shape " person, to make oneself make up " tab is accused " the effect that produces circumvent person, always want to study the psychology of people. They these people are in the practice of circumvent person, also gradually " fumble " to a such rules, namely: From overall for, people often comes deeply to the first impression, once form, constant regular meeting accumulates the formulary that goes up for a kind of thinking. E.g. , someone does not have the impression with special what to Zhang San, do not have good impression already, also do not have ill feeling. If be in at this moment, someone says piece of 3 its people to him is how moral against the law, morality rots etc, so, he even if the word to this person not always follow sb's advice, but, be opposite indeed however in the depth of the heart how was Zhang San's bearing hit greatly interrogation, mentally also presents the symptom of a trend that gives ill feeling to its. Until him Zhang San or another people do it again apologize, language pure department is out of thin air if saying those atttack piece of 3 moral, confuse right and wrong, at this moment, had lagged behind greatly. Because, the first impression that these viewpoint ibid faces form produced conflict, so, enter a head very hard. Unless the impression this later is special intense, or it is to undertake for many times repetition ceaselessly, just be changed likely or be diluent foregoing the first impression. This is just like is a piece of white paper, the first strokes goes up to always be clear about, if want to draw additionally on has drawn paper, so, the effort of place bad news does not know to want mostly times less, and what already formed formerly on paper is video eliminate completely very hard also thoroughly.

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