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The teleplay that duty field personage sees surely: Does add fall make a present

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Encourage sign sees in author place kind among teleplay, han drama " medical knowledge " be most of shock popular feeling, see 56 market continuously at a heat, experience quite deep.

" medical knowledge " those who depict is Korea the does poineering work difficultly road of Xu Jun of the first cure. County of spring of safe path dragon defends Xu Jun's father, the mother is a hooter, because be born,humbleness, equipment suffers discrimination, accordingly although gift is intelligent, however all day debauch, do not beg aspirant. One day, much happy event was known in the process that he contrabands business in sneak attack, the heart touchs the filial piety that is kissed by her thing to be shown loving care for to her consequently to the utmost, the secret of acupuncture was witnessed in the process that helps her, later, the father of much happy event dies, he what love much happy event greatly one shoulder assumes a responsibility that takes care of much happy event.

Later, xu Jun is contrabanded by bring a false charge against sb, be arrested put in prison, favour is rescued by the father of all along inhospitality, he is taking his mother and much happy event to leave home, head for shade of Qing Shangdao hill, but the accident that is born because of alternate, two people are broken. He and mother reach hill nether world, the help that calls the hunter that has one book in issues reluctance to find a place for, began his struggling journey thereby.

" medical knowledge " 63.5% is as high as in Korea viewing rate, achievement comparing broadcasts ever since " grow greatly today " go even farther than. Tell about lowliness of the one's life experience that make dredge, but with its clinging belief and transcendental perseverance surmount capacity limits to become afterwards to grow the renown cure henceforth, world of practise medicine aid helps a person countless, left immortal medical famous work to later ages " east cure treasure ancient bronze mirror " , become Korea Chinese ancient Chinese medical classics to be in charge of.

So, " medical knowledge " what to bring to inspire to us after all?

It is to medical skill with great concentration is studied firstly, auger arrive inside, the condition that till arrive,is obsessed with, be like crazy be like drunk, systemic heart is devoted, the mind that has this kind of persistent pursuit just reachs professional peak likely. Do not bear hardships, not hammer and tongs, it is very difficult that endless heart endeavors have big factitive, should guard against arrogance, heavy next hearts come, go considering, go carrying out, all previous is professional medical skill in experienced process (business) achieve raising of things to a higher level.

For oneself secondly set target establishs next ambition, should do do Korea top-ranking doctor, do not do second-class, 3 stream. Make from basic level, make from the foundation, engrave and do not abandon, never abandon. Xu Jun ever had made warehouse of the husband that carry water, husband that extract drug, medicine the position such as assistant of custodial, doctor, doctor, work steadily, promote oneself stage by stage, accumulate the major that accumulates oneself, thick accumulate ability thin hair, do not hope one to hesitate and kick, cannot make fun of petty trick, cannot take shortcut, those who had gone to had done ability to understand is deeper, master more fully, those who hold is more accurate.

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