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The female does HR government professional dominant position is large

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Today's professional female, no matter be in China, inside limits of alive still bound, it is important, the manpower resource that cannot ignore, they are developing to make the contribution that cannot replace with social progress to human economy.

The newest statistic of bureau of woman of American Ministry of Labour shows, the company of 51% is the United States woman place is had, the enterprise yield that American woman manages is completely beautiful all enterprise 3 times of average yield. Be in our country, female of the profession in all trades and professions rose " half the sky " action. Today's professional female let people see they regard duty field as strong competitor morely the sort of " women does not allow a man " independence and adamancy. There is certain and commendable peculiar quality on their body.

Above all, of the professional female of our country mix conscientiously investment is be obvious to all. Look from successful motive, strength of the drive inside the career success of today's professional female is apparent strong the elder at them. A lot of professional female working hours are in 8 to 12 hours, the investigation of state of job of female to China entrepreneur shows, making household time on average everyday is 1.6 hours, average playtime is 1 hour, average Morpheus time has 6 hours only. The actual strength that they hope to prove their with their ability and implementation individual value.

Next, good human relationship. Below market economy condition, be good at establishing good human relationship with each interest principal part, can facilitate not only trade with collaboration, reduce trade cost and administrative cost, decrease trade risk, return the cohesive affinity that can enhance an organization at the same time, in order to improve constituent efficiency. Compare with male photograph, on-the-job field concern coordinates professional female in, often show more meticulous, patience, grow to be mixed at expression communication characteristic. They are understanding, be good at having an insight into the thing of the unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader of others and body language backside; Be good at through praising someone else strengthens its confidence, very rich affinity. So, professional female had demand of informatization society place inherently, good human concern ability.

The 3rd, endurance and tough sex. Generally speaking, successful professional female is mostly special and assiduous, hard-working, have very tall endurance and tough sex. Regard a profession as the female, they know that they must have firmer will, ability overcomes heavy difficulty, gain ultimate success. A lot of people in them experienced setback and twist, often can be borne more and stand fast, till spend difficulty. Because they know, give double effort only as the female, ability scores the success with the male.

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