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Are you the person that is about to eliminate by duty field?

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Do not have professional skill " young baby "

In science and technology increasingly of specialization today, a person wants to become " a versatile person " , unless be to have,great natural gift is mixed outstanding assiduous, otherwise, accomplish hard. Accordingly, neither " can just " the person that do not have professional skill again often is become be considered above all the person selected of come off sentry duty.

Say to be not done only " horn "

Some people appear bellyful combs and arrange silk threads-attend to state affairs, it seems that he should say only, everything is changing. In fact, everything did not change. Clearly, these " verbal giant, the dwarf of the action " with those " say less to be done more " doer photograph is compared, lose everything more easily in competition.

Handle affairs efficiency is low " tortoise "

Unknown to public, look be like faithful and reliable " tortoise " the compassion that can arouse people really heart. However, in the tall rhythm that has appearinging, efficient brutal market competition, those starts are slow, handle affairs efficiency is low " tortoise " talent, be flooded without doubt meeting by place of intense competitive spring tide.

Lack group spirit " shark "

Refine as what the society divides the work, a job often is only below the joint efforts of the group, ability may be efficient the ground is finished satisfactorily. Because this if individual is not good at cooperation, without group spirit, the result is individual can be abandoned by the group only.

Impenetrable " conch "

Some is acted fixedly to plant forever in the social environment that social revulsion decided the person in the society is impossible already to changing changeless social part. Those firm conditions are self-given, do not consider be eager to make progress " conch " the person can be final in intense competition gradually lose advantage, down to washs out a bureau.

Of follow rules " machine "

At this late hour, have develop, the talent of innovation ability more and more be servantchoosed a person for a job the favour of the unit. Send a statement, pushbutton just can move " machine " the social environment that the talent gets used to prospective ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye very hard, be squeezed can morely to receive the train of unemployed man.

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