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Gold of golden week program plan

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-- 7 days of conduct financial transactions length a holiday (just) early plan

"11 " the golden week is coming, these 7 days of long holidays are busy to ferial job be too busy for the duty field public figure that he considers, at long last time understands " QDII " , " harbor " , " CPI " wait to risk the countless money that come out recently new term, also can well static the conduct financial transactions that comes down to comb oneself and duty field program, plan the fortune appreciation a major programme of lasting importance of next year.

We this period monograph, the basic principle that will introduce investment economy for you and the fortune program kind that get used to different crowd, and groom charging way, let you be in the golden week " add full oil " , amain the road of duty field appreciation of sprint future. If you prepare to swim in false sunrise, also might as well referenced our hint with card and insurance, use tools of various financial conduct financial transactions opportunely, help you be in managing expenditure while, make the journey more in perfect order.

Just announce CPI index rose again August 6.5 % , this is CPI successive 6 months rise compared to the same period 3 % above, also be close come 10 years CPI monthly goes up a highest month. Someone says, as a result of CPI rise, although the Central Bank is added 5 times continuously this year,cease, but bank deposit still resembled sitting " elevator of be issued to lower levels " . If unreasonable undertake conduct financial transactions plans, oneself deposit not only hard appreciation still has very big devalue likelihood. Below this kind of form, go up not quite to conduct financial transactions before repeatedly the heart perhaps has fear of difficulty " bench team member people " also do not sit, "Do not run to cross Liu Xiang, but must run win CPI " became latter catchword.

Face conduct financial transactions of stock, fund, bond, bank, investment fiducial, rent, safe... these blow on the face and all sorts of finance that come invest tool of conduct financial transactions, plus more multifarious finance term, a lot of conduct financial transactions " dish bird " feel dazzling, not know what to do. For fortune a major programme of lasting importance of future, we the first pace begins from the eliminate illiteracy of evil filling common sense.

   Evil filling conduct financial transactions knows newly

Inside a paragraph of quite long period, alleged family manage money matters, it is merely really the choice is made between the deposit breed of different time schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater and interest rate level, buy bit of national debt that interest rate prepares high slightly again at most.

Yi Xianrong of researcher of academy of Chinese society science expresses, now " deposit of bank of = of investment conduct financial transactions " time is already far go, individual investment conduct financial transactions is a knowledge model investment management. Face numerous investment opportunity, whether invest capital those who invest combination " marine " , those who have soul-stirring, success " surf " , it is the new requirement of current individual conduct financial transactions. Combine diversification as investment, knowledge is in the effect in individual conduct financial transactions is increasingly main also. This highlights most in the expression in stock investment: A lot of never had understood national economic situation, enterprise to run a state, perhaps do not have even basic economy common sense some investor before, after the individual share that has had 9 months invests, also can speak with fervor and assurance to financial standing of treasurer of national economic atmosphere, company. And knowledge relatively rich, observation relatively of acumen, of the investor of individual conduct financial transactions that perhaps has special news source gain profit to often compare someone else more rich and generous.

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