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Undergraduate obtain employment should many sided accept a challenge

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"Graduate is much, obtain employment matters hard with enlarge action, but not be enlarge action absolutely ' the disaster that cause ' , graduate should have state of a good intention really, the government should do a few this businesses that do... ... " today midday, countrywide National People's Congress is represented, net of east of be a guest of Zheng Huijiang of vice director of Shanghai informatization council two meetings studio, with netizens communicative graduation is born with trade problem.

Obtain employment is difficult, be not complete " enlarge is enrolled " the disaster that cause

"Graduate matters with enlarge action more, but the disaster that is not enlarge incur absolutely, still involve a lot of accounts. " the delegate expresses Zheng Huijiang. The whole nation has graduate of 4.9 million college this year, shanghai has 143 thousand, increased 10.8% , these numbers have certain effect hard to graduate obtain employment for certain.

Zheng Huijiang thinks, since enlarge is enrolled, undergraduate amount year after year increases. Structure of the structure of occupation of a few students, knowledge, integrated quality has with the market be out of line, the technical ability that still has an undergraduate also is mixed social off the beat, cost of obtain employment expectation is higher. In the meantime, the market also is put in blemish, we present obtain employment market is opposite for, information is not complete, asymmetry, unit of choose and employ persons is high spending of choose and employ persons. Additional, human affairs system, census register system, still social security system also compares lag.

Graduate: Adjust ready-made of state of mind

Be aimed at the austere sex of obtain employment situation, zheng Huijiang points out, graduate should have state of a good intention. Present education is from elite education is changed into education of in a popular style, say natively as an university, want the acknowledge of change part and status position above all, although this change is painful, but it is the social reality that must accept however.

"The competition that the state of mind that the undergraduate wants to cherish an ordinary common people and fixed position go to participating in obtain employment and choice obtain employment " , cannot put eye in big city, big company merely or transnational corporation, also should put eye in basic level, civilian battalion or it is medium and small businesses. Otherwise, expectation value is greater, disappointment is bigger.

Meanwhile, obtain employment person should have made sufficient preparation. Should understand time of the prices of the industry, invite applications for a job meticulous, enhance oneself obtain employment technical ability. Do resume for example, can make oneself different version according to the circumstance of the company, but must be practical and realistic.

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