New China when judge: Rational look upon " officeholder is hot "

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New popular national official takes an exam this year " temperature " again break the record: Face of 97 branches of countrywide publishs ten thousand two hundred and eighty-two post that admit by examination to the society, the person enter oneself for an examination that passes qualification test is amounted to 50 much, that is to say, average each post has 50 individual competition. The reporter learns from human affairs ministry, of a little popular position admit proportion even already violent wind rises 2000: 1 , for the history new tall. The evaluation says someone, officeholder exam already made the examination with the most intense competition, admit rate still mix under the university entrance exam even one's deceased father grind. Hair of Xinhua News Agency

Report inscribed xinhua net Beijing on November 13, wang Xuejiang of reporter of Xinhua News Agency. National office officeholder admits by examination in the center of 2006 job signing up has ended, but " officeholder is hot " heat is not decreased. Face a society this to admit by examination publicly 10282 people, number signing up is close to 1 million person, 50 much people passed qualification test, enter oneself for an examination with the plan employ scale is as high as 48.6: 1. Somebody exclaim: Officeholder admits by examination already exceeded the university entrance exam nowadays, one's deceased father grind, make the examination with current China the most intense competition.

So much person is zealous enter oneself for an examination officeholder, national office prestige is high in the center of the specification, professional development prospect is good. To college graduate, centrally state office works, those who get is social class not just, more important is to be able to obtain to make a person fast take exercise, the chance that increases ability, one realizes the platform of value of life of ideal aspiration, promotion. New the graduate that enters office, will bring more opportunity of survival and vitality for officeholder team.

But, undeniable, be in this " officeholder is hot " in, also put in a few problems. It is to follow suit blindly, some undergraduates see all round the classmate is contended for sign up, also abandon taking an examination of the ideal that grinds to plan or do poineering work independently so in succession. 2 it is expectation the cost is too high. A lot of people do not understand characteristic of the duty of officeholder, job, some thinking, when officeholder namely " when the official " , officeholder welfare salary is high, cross into governmental gate as was being entered " safe " ; Return somebody to think, officeholder does not have competitive pressure, live " went to work to arrived at 9 o'clock at 8 o'clock, a cup of boiled water signs up for one piece " at leisure lives, leisurely Le Zai.

Actually, these are the misunderstanding to officeholder. Look from identity quality, the officeholder nowadays, more it is concept of a kind of profession; Look from working load, workload of most nowadays government organization is very heavy, working overtime is " common occurrence " ; Look from welfare pay, in recent years servant salary has improvement truly, but income is total for it is moderate level only; Look from professional risk, officeholder post although stability is taller, but performance assessment, wash out a mechanism build, make officeholder is dozen of infrangible no longer " iron rice bowl-a secure job " . Discard of Guan Tao of the mechanism of masses appraise sth through discussion that each district develops, commonplace is made, administrative nonfeasance and fault are found out make, make officeholder had very great pressure, arrive from 1996 by 2003, the whole nation has 1 in all. 60 thousand officeholder are dismissed. This explains, of officeholder dawdle " good conditions " , had impossibly again. Look from post duty, the participator that officeholder regards a government as the job and public general affairs, organizer and the person that carry out, bear is worn very main society responsibility. As officeholder law carry out, each district perfects relevant regulations system soundly stage by stage, enhance the ability of manage of officeholder fair condominium, communal administration, public service ceaselessly, and be in office lawfully, lawfully the administration, level that handles affairs lawfully. Only high-spirited up, strenuous promising, devoted to post, diligence is responsible, ability gets used to the new condition requirement to officeholder. The sort of purpose is taken an examination of after taking office " enjoy life " , covet material benefit waits highbrow idea a moment, admit by examination with the country not only the original intention photograph of officeholder is contrary to, the big current that also runs with officeholder is antipathetic.

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