First countrywide undergraduate professional adviser mount guard

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Report from our correspondent associates chief inspector of Chinese invite applications for a job defends great recently much a new title -- , Ministry of Education " obtain employment of attention China undergraduate " the professional adviser of series commonweal activity. With what he accepts appoint to a position at the same time still the HR of CHO of 500 Jiang Zaihua enterprise and 140 domestic well-known companies is in charge of high, this is this second activity undertake net of development of resource of square China manpower is inside countrywide limits first large-scale invite industry tall tube to provide support and guidance for undergraduate obtain employment.

According to " obtain employment of attention China undergraduate " Liu Lin of director of office of organizing committee of series commonweal activity introduces, professional adviser is the world entirely there is rich company in 500 Jiang Zaihua enterprises, home well-known company high-level management experience, be in especially manpower resource respect if what interview of invite applications for a job and professional career plan to design experience is senior tall canal, the disparate industry that every professional adviser is in according to the enterprise and corresponding relevant major match, hold the position of the 5 professional advisers to 10 outstanding students, basically tell through make one's rounds of campus obtain employment, online coach the professional career program that the means of communication participates in directive student, recommend obtain employment and exercitation opportunity for the undergraduate. End by October, already had include NEC China senior vice president Liu Qiulian of CHO of apparatus of state of Wang Yan of CHO of limited company of China of sth resembling a net of electrified wire netting of Han Yu of senior vice president of Du Jun, ABB China, north, heart, Wei is achieved mechanical.

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