The 10 great state of mind that to apply for a job should avoid most

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Create false mentality: False record of formal schooling, false letter, false honor be not is those who beat obtain employment entrance door help straw, do not grow falsely after all, can destroy oneself career only instead.

   Shy psychology: Book of offer one's services is dropped to run in spot of to apply for a job, the person that face invite applications for a job tongue-tied, be flushed, such person is servantchoosed a person for a job very hard the appreciate of the unit.

   Rely on psychology: A few undergraduates lack independent consciousness, go out apply for a job to always like to be accompanied with photograph of parents, classmate, or a gang stable-companion applies for same unit jointly, after rare the 15th day of a lunar month mutual coordinate, this kind of graduate that does not have definite idea won't be servantchoosed a person for a job commonly unit take sb on the staff.

   Official career psychology: "Learn and actor criterion be an official " , become aware proper Guan Cai is road, nib the head is gone to " goverment office in feudal China " auger, its are to be touched head broken and bleedingly mostly as a result.

   Vie psychology: A few students feel to be during school achievement is good, honorary much, " official position " big, of course works to also had answered, what does not know unit of choose and employ persons to be not the only standard that regards judge as the talent with this.

   Depend on psychology: Oneself are worn not urgently apply for a job, wanting to involve the concern of which kin friend all the day, the money that take a place " buy " position, it is very difficult that the job that such getting is afraid long.

   Agrestic psychology: Some undergraduates do not wish to give far door, wish to be before only " a mu 3 distribute land " obtain employment; Another some of undergraduate ascends love ark early, it is after graduation stay behind with other in part same entrenchment and one party of defend to the last, serve as very hard somewhat so.

   Guard psychology: Lack competitive consciousness, dare not meet a challenge, or holding modesty in the arms " goodness " do not put, dare not shine to reach characteristic from personal good qualities, such person nature won't be servantchoosed a person for a job the favour of the unit.

   Low with respect to psychology: As contrary as conservative psychology, these people always feel competition is intense, him ability is inferior to a person, satisfy candidly admit defeat, dare not be opposite oneself " plain code marks a price " , and search " buy the home " carelessly " sell " piece. Open the imparity agreement that give to also be signed to a few units, to work in the future left snake in the grass.

   Place " cruel " psychology

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