To apply for a job, want those who find out you to sell a site namely

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A person wants to be in the circle that grows an enterprise, get the self-identity of other and regard highly, it is very important that first selection " sells a dot " . Spend like young, faithfulness, the gift of tongues...

With average company all along of the bend that seek gift looks, haply, so called sell a site but reduce is the following at 7 o'clock:

   Young: "Young it is capital " , young it is plasticity to the definition of employer big, mobile ability is exuberant, study ability is strong, energetic.

Professional talent () of professional core ability: The professional knowledge on one's job is more thorough than other, more extensive. For instance, a shop salesman, employee pays attention to you to be opposite more the professional knowledge of content of place sell goods.

   Experience: Had experienced what job, had gotten what training course, what is there in the life special experience.

   Achievement: What can be had by affirmative achievement, include a company inside, socially or learned. For instance, what cross famous award be like 10 old prominent young people, the cadre that has held the position of what mass organizations is like labour union, had published what article, or it is technicality composing is waited a moment.

   Faithfulness is spent: If the serve time that predecessor works is as long as 5 years of above, the faithfulness that represents pair of this companies is spent worth while and affirmative, otherwise you are indispensible enough manage origin explains.

   The gift of tongues: Perfectness foreign language, be like flower, Japanese is speakand writelisten all fluent without block, and cannot be " knows " slightly only merely just.

   Live far and near is in certain circumstance: When comparativing like candidate condition, live close candidate, the opportunity that be chosen is greater. Because be below the condition with certain critical business, live it is OK to another kind of implication of the boss nearly " is followed pass follow " .

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