The 20 haematemesis experience that apply for a job

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Graduate 4 years, still do not have the capital that work alone, I analyse myself to also do not suit to work alone, working all the time, also apt works all one's life. My job is fast two years, review oneself experience, wrote dot thing. Everybody also says experience together, communicate jointly, promote each other, increase a bit ability.

Experience one: Backside of bright spot of invite applications for a job does not represent to friendly normally certainly, flourishingly up company. For instance I had experienced a large supermarket at the beginning of 2004, it closed down very quickly, spot of invite applications for a job is very lively, gimmick of invite applications for a job has contemporary feeling very much -- but, after two months, this company closed down. Judge the actual strength of a company so, still had better get online look up, ask to the company, the supplier that resembles this company or the partner asks, absolutely the occasion when the person cannot see invite applications for a job or the ego conduct propaganda of personnel of invite applications for a job.

Experience 2: The high quality of personnel of invite applications for a job, do not represent the person that works together with you directly in the future same quality is high; A lot of friends had encountered such problem, good the HR that saw a reasonable not easily, talk very well also. After worked, just discover that company very turn things upside down, the personnel besides that HR is very poor, even you can discover that HR is very poor also.

Experience 3: Often the company of invite applications for a job, basic it is bad place, majority still has decoy. Of well known is negotiable securities, building materials, safe, do not see them or appear on the market company, cheating a person to come is. Jump over carefully greatly more in foreign inn, but country's at present bigger store has those who bully a person to go more qualitative, return nobody canal, building materials is typical.

Experience 4: Personnel of invite applications for a job is bombastic, use incendiary sex language, majority is trap. Such having a lot of, the person that is tie of suit of a few dress commonly flies in horizontal stroke of saliva of spot of invite applications for a job, position is a sale commonly, promise wants you only able, monthly pay 3000, 5000, 10000, even 100000 be nothing difficult. Famouser still have insurance " safe, never unemployed sunny industry " , lean, if be,never face south unemployedly industry, how do you still enrol a person to talent market every week?

Experience 5: If you do not like present major, determination should change his profession through taking an examination of a graduate student, need not apply for a job before taking an examination of a graduate student so, there also can be the job after be being taken an examination of, especially after the Spring Festival. The person's energy is finite, center military strength to had done a business. Anyway you want to change one's profession, do not consider working issue. " Bible " in say, when god wants city of finish place much Ma, believe a brother fully, let that brother go rapidly, cannot turn round namely, turn salt into column later. Result that brother, hey...

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